People / Lance Bonney

Lance B.

Writer, Illustrator, Designer

Tokyo, JP

I am someone who has a great passion for storytelling and world-building and uses illustration, design, and writing as tools to tell those stories and build said universes. From a very early age I developed a deep passion for - art, history, philosophy, writing, architecture, design, animation / anime, film, and video games. Overtime these passions inspired me to create - to draw and write, to design, my own stories and universes. Stories that I have since created as a kid, I have re-worked and am currently in the process of turning those stories into a Manga / Light Novel and eventually I hope for them to become a highly cinematic 2-D Animated TV and Film series someday. Along with creating original content, I also love to add to already existing content by creating new storylines and characters. I am someone who looks to vigorously expand the Anime / Animation, Film, Manga / Comic, and Video Game industries through the creation of new and exciting content by bringing together techniques from the past, present, and future. And hopefully... in the process, create new genres and new forms of storytelling never seen before.