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Eese K.

Product Leader, high-performance teams catalyst

Product / Project Manager

Tokyo, Japan
English TOEC 905, Japanese N2

I’m a versatile technical product lead with a rich engineering and UX Design background. Over two decades, I've excelled in various industries like Education, Digital Marketing, AI, and Gaming, proving my ability to adapt and succeed in different contexts. Leveraging my experience in building and mentoring high-performance teams Proven track record of transitioning ordinary, siloed teams to cross-functional high-performance teams with a focus on innovation and boosting productivity. Through these efforts, I have consistently: - Reduced the cost of product development by 40% to 60% in weeks. - Reduced the time to market from months to a few days. - Bootstrapped user satisfaction. - Transformed the development team from center costs to “profit center”. In my work, I create environments with the customer at the center, fostering innovation, diversity, and psychological safety. I leverage diversity to unleash creativity in fast-paced environments, reconciling the needs of stakeholders with cross-functional teams and aligning everyone towards common goals. I have extensive experience in facilitating smooth and quick transitions from Waterfall to Agile methodologies. Advanced and robust knowledge of combining User-centric, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, PMI, Toyota Production Systems, Design Thinking, and Flow that ensured outstanding productivity to deliver value. I'm incredibly excited about bringing my blend of leadership, management, technical, and UX skills to a fast-paced and dynamic team. I look forward to . Warm regards, Eese Kashi