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Federico R.

Photography Lover, Furniture Enthusiast, Detail Collector

Graphic Designer | Art Director

Available for work
Native Italian, Proficient English, Business Japanese

I graduated from Naba Milano (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - New Academy of Fine Arts) in 2017. After gaining experience in Italy, I moved to Japan. After studying Japanese for two years at a language school, I began working at TENGA in 2020. TENGA is a Japanese manufacturer of modern and elegant sexual wellness products. I approach everything in my daily life, including my work, with a positive attitude, analyzing situations from various perspectives and paying great attention to details. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and methods of application, always on the lookout for the unusual, unique, and peculiar elements in my surroundings. The tiny details of my daily life constantly inspire my creative output. When I create, I take pleasure in establishing connections among dissimilar objects, elements, and concepts, assigning them new meanings and interpretations.