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Guillaume D.

Master in product development, specialized in tech driven design

Product development

Available for work
Belgium, but eager to move anywhere

Navigating the realm of product development is not merely a career path for me, it’s my profound passion. I’ve traversed the entire spectrum of this fascinating journey multiple times. From the inception of product and/or service ideas to their meticulous execution. As a dedicated product developer, I’ve honed skills across all the stages of development. This includes everything from brainstorming product-service ideas to evaluating them, prioritizing, defining and designing them. Staying true to design methodology enables me to create corresponding system and concept designs. Digitizing them, designing of UI/UX, materializing, prototyping, testing or branding follows. This while keeping an eye on a business model. The University of Antwerp has challenged me extensively in every stage of the development cycle, eventually leading to a Master degree in strategic and technology-driven product development. This with a passion for technological product development, services, coding and robotics. However, my pursuit of happiness doesn’t stop there. I like to continuously expand my knowledge by incorporating scientific, electronic, coding and AI skills into my repertoire. This holistic approach empowers me to create new, working, high-quality prototypes across a wide range of technology driven products or services. My career has lead me to work throughout various design phases and methods, collaborating with different teams both nationally and internationally. In doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to work with advanced CAD programs, coding languages, simulations, and visualization techniques. This further confirms my aspiration to work in technology driven R&D of smart products, robotics, IoT or digital product-service design such as VR, AR or AI applications. My versatile skill set is tailored to meet the distinct yet wide-ranging needs of this rapidly changing but fascinating world. I am actively looking for jobs or opportunities to collaborate and look forward to any and all challenges that can further develop the technological world. Together, I hope we may embark on an inspiring journey of collaborative and innovative product development. Let’s explore new possibilities, gain knowledge and try to unlock the full potential of your product, project, or idea. This from start to deployment. To put it shortly, the next part of this portfolio showcases my experience in bridging design and technology bridging design and technology as a profession. Thank you for your time and consideration.