People / Jordan Brecker

Jordan B.

Innovator, Creative Problem Solver, World Traveler

User Experience Design

Charlotte, NC, USA
Native English, Basic Japanese

I am a UX/UI Designer at Growterra, a company that provides innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture. With a Bachelor's degree in International Business and a minor in Japanese from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I combine my design skills with my business acumen and cultural insights to create impactful user experiences that resonate across cultures. My passion for user-centric design drives me to conduct insightful user research, orchestrate the color and typography strategy, implement intuitive search and navigation functions, and collaborate with peers and staff members on various projects. As a result, I have improved the website usability and user retention rate for both web and mobile platforms, contributing to the company's growth and success. My goal is to leverage my UX/UI expertise to work for a Japanese company, where I can apply my knowledge of the Japanese language and culture to create cutting-edge designs that appeal to the local market. It is not just a career aspiration, but a dream that I am dedicated to realizing. Every opportunity to enhance my UX portfolio is a step closer to making this dream a reality.