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Lauren S.

Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Front-End Developer

Available for work
Echizen City

Gaming was a prominent part of what consumed my time throughout my early education. That led to my interest and passion for technology that continued through college, enabling me to continue building my proficiency for how gaming and education presents a winning combination. After a period of study abroad in Japan I returned and applied for a job in IT at Ithaca College as an Immersive Technology Specialist, working in that role until graduation. My participation as a team member with nine other student coordinators to organize a conference in 2019 As someone who has been a technology enthusiast for all my life, I have a passion for exploring how people interact with technology and how technology has impacted society on a global level. As a recent graduate in Emerging Media, an interdisciplinary program that combines studies in Computer Science, Television and Radio, and Strategic Communications, at Ithaca College. Emerging Media is a program for the curious innovator, which allowed me to dabble in web design, game development, virtual reality, radio production, animation, research, and 3D design. Career highlights to date: • Moved to Fukui Japan to be an Assistant Language Teacher and Cultural Ambassasor • Worked on nine technical certificate programs at eCornell • Faculty Award for Excellence in Emerging Media • Presentation: Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (MAPACA) Annual Conference: Climbing the Mountain of Anxiety & Depression: Celeste & Mental Health Panel, Pittsburg, PA • Studying abroad: Akita International University • Ithaca College Women in Computing – we won 2 awards: Liberty Mutual Hack Award and Best Hardware Hack • Receiving the Peggy Ryan Williams Award in Academic and Community Leadership • Ithaca College Leadership Scholarship Program My professional goal is to create and research meaningful and interactive experiences through various forms of technology and media.