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UX Designer, Horror Movies, Optics, Rollerskating, Rabbit, Book

UX Designer, Horror Researcher, Have the potential to do anything

Some work availability
Native Chinese, Business English, Conversational Japanese

I'm studying Media Design at Keio University and my research focuses on horror films. I did my undergraduate studies in Optoelectronic Information Engineering. - I'm a quiet and interesting person, at least I think so. But when necessary, I may put on a social mask, be outgoing and full of energy.But when I was put in the right place, my human curiosity was like a vampire. - Interest and love are the first driving force for everything I do. But when I'm given the responsibility, I'm going to make it to the end no matter what. - People are multi-faceted, please believe that I have the side you need. If I don't, then my new learning journey begins.