Events / talks

Bluesky Meetup in Tokyo Vol.2

Apr 13 @ 14:00 - 19:30 JST

Continuing from last year, we will be holding the second "Bluesky Meetup in Tokyo"!
Bluesky users and anyone interested in Bluesky are welcome to join us!
Also, we are planning to have members of the Bluesky management team participate this time as well, so
let's deepen our interaction not only with other users but also with the management!

Eligibility for Participation
- For Bluesky users
- For those interested in Bluesky
- Media personnel

Entry Fee

Date, Time and Location
Date and time: Saturday, April 13, 2024, 14:00-19:30
Location: LINE Yahoo, Inc. (Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho)
*The main session will also be streamed live from the venue.

About the Reception
We will prepare a blank piece of paper the size of a business card as a name tag, so please write your name on it at the reception desk.
*You may also use your own business card.
*Please note that there will be filming, live streaming, and media coverage on the day of the event, so please be aware that your business card may be reflected.

13:30 - Doors open and reception begins
14:00 - Reception closed
14:15 - Venue
14:30 - Opening remarks (live streaming starts)
14:45 - Greetings from Bluesky management
15:00 - Looking back so far
15:15 - Bluesky Management LT
15:30 - Exchange time
15:45 - question time
16:15 - Exchange time
16:30 - panel discussion
17:00 - Closing remarks (live broadcast ends)
7:30 - Exchange time
19:30 - Closing

*As of March 13, 2024
*Changes may occur by the date.

About Food and Drinks
Light snacks and drinks will be provided.
*Alcohol will not be served.
*Please refrain from bringing food and alcohol into the venue.

- On the day of the event, there will be filming and live streaming of the venue, as well as media coverage. Please participate only if you are aware that you may be exposed to various SNS and media.
- For the media) If you wish to interview participants, please be sure to confirm whether the interview is possible or not.
- The purpose of this event is to interact, so please refrain from soliciting or engaging in activities that are inconsistent with the purpose.
- To ensure a smooth event, please follow the staff's instructions.
- In the event of an emergency, staff and broadcasters will provide guidance, so please follow the staff's instructions in that case.