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Creative Hangout: Meet & Share

Feb 15 @ 20:00 - 21:30 JST

It's your choice: meet & hang out or share work & get feedback. Either way, have fun!

What's the agenda?

  • Split up into groups of 3-4

  • Get chummy

  • Share what we're working on

  • Rotate after ~25 mins


Where are we doing this?
On Zoom, but you need to pre-register. ⭐️

Things to remember
Be nice! Don't come to pick up a date. Don't come here to just sell your wares or recruit for Amway. Keep your MLMs at home, guys. Thanks!

What is Creative Tokyo?
We're the biggest creative community on Meetup with 2200+ members and 550+ on Slack. We connect creatives with peers and projects :)