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Dev Japan - 61

Jun 29 @ 12:00 - 18:00 JST

I was going to attempt a Jumanji - "What year is it?" joke but it hasn't been that much time. Anyway, it looks like we're restarting Dev Japan.

We're holding the next Dev Japan developer's meetup at Impact HUB - Tokyo, in Meguro. June 29, 2024. Between 12PM and 6PM. Since Impact HUB has also has a cafe space that we'll have access to please take advantage of the cafe space and don't bring outside food/drinks.

Location: 2-chōme-11-3 Meguro, Meguro City · Tokyo

Impact HUB Tokyo is a member of the Impact HUB Global network, which is a global community of entrepreneurs seeking to create social impact.

They have provided a community co-working space for a diverse range of entrepreneurship, working styles, industries and cultures since its opening in 2013, bringing together many entrepreneurs and Start-ups, freelancers, artists, intrapreneurs and NPO leaders from Japan and abroad, and continues to generate collaboration among its members.

From 2022, they became a Tokyo Metropolitan Government-accredited incubation facility and providing entrepreneurial programmes. In 2023, they launched a cafe “DELI at COMMUNITA” not only open to the community but more open for local neighbors, entrepreneurs and freelancers to gather together.


Creatives/Designers/Engineers join to meet each other and try and get some work done.

Do you often work at home alone or at a cafe? While at home do you get distracted? While at a cafe do you end up spending a lot of money? Do you want a place where you can interact with others like yourself while you're working on your project/hobby?

Well that's why I made this meetup because I answered yes to all of those questions. If you answer yes to 2 or more you should consider joining us :). The more the merrier.

Bring your work, questions, ideas and work on them alone or ask others for help.

Feel free to ask questions or work on your own stuff. 


Special thanks to Masa from Sollective for connecting us to the Impact HUB Tokyo team. Sollective is a full-cycle freelance support platform. They help with everything from getting projects to managing schedules to sending invoices.