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Elevate your UX research skills in our exciting UX Research Challenge

May 22 - Jun 25

Calling all Designers! Elevate your UX research skills in our exciting UX Research Challenge 

When: May 22 - June 25, 2024
Where: Discord (
Teams: 3 - 4 Participants & 1 Mentor
Time Commitment: ~10 - 15 hours per week
Grand Prizes for Winners!

What is the UX Research Challenge?

Join us for an insightful exploration of UX research, where you'll dive into user needs, preferences, and challenges. Through thorough research, you'll develop empathy, uncover key insights, and craft clear problem statements.

Structure and Process:

Day 1: Kick-off event with challenge coordinators & mentors.

Week 1: Team Building & efficient communication setup.
Week 2 & 3: Engage in interactive workshops and conduct thorough discovery research.
Week 4: Presentation & Critique [Optional].

Final Day: Finalists Review & Wrap-Up Party.

Why join as Participant:

- Elevate UX research skills using AI.
- Gain mentorship from industry experts.
- Upskill team collaboration & communication skills.
- Expand your portfolio with research projects.
- Engage in interactive workshops.
- Receive recognition within the design community.

Ready to take your UX research skills to the next level? Join the Challenge Now and be part of an exciting journey towards innovation and excellence in design!