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How to Launch a Startup in Asia

Jul 4 @ 19:00 - 21:00 JST

Discover the secrets to launching a thriving startup in Asia's dynamic markets. At this live online event, attendees will gain exclusive insights into navigating regulatory landscapes, harnessing funding opportunities, and understanding cultural diversity crucial for business success. From crafting strategies tailored to Asian business environments to networking with industry leaders who have successfully penetrated these markets, this session offers invaluable guidance. If launching a startup in Asian is your goal, join us to transform your vision into reality.

❯ What You'll Learn:

Master the diverse Asian regulatory frameworks that affect startup operations.
・ Learn to adapt and succeed in Asian markets through tailored business models and cultural insights.
・ Explore funding opportunities and build strategic partnerships to accelerate your startup's growth in Asia.

❯ Who Should Attend?

Everyone who is planning to launch a startup and seeks insights into the Asian business landscape.
・ Everyone who currently runs a startup and is interested in expanding into Asian markets.
・ Everyone who is an investor or business strategist looking for opportunities within the Asian startup ecosystem.

 Featured Speakers:

Kevin Brockland - Managing Director at Founder Institute Malaysia: Kevin is a seasoned investment expert with a proven history of success. As a business coach, he dedicates his efforts to nurturing local businesses in every country where he has operated. He is consistently committed to helping entrepreneurs develop and realize their ideas.

・ Omar AbedinFounder of PTH Venture Studio: Omar has three decades of diverse experience in venture capital, startups, marketing, and branding. He is passionate about supporting and empowering mission-driven founders and resilient startups around the world.

・ Bill Ashlock - Pioneer at Mingzulu: Bill Ashlock is a financial service leader, consultant, and coach. His c-suite roles span two decades. His earlier roles include global positions with Citibank, ABN Amro, ANZ, and Bank America in San Francisco, New York, London, and Singapore. Ashlock’s record of success includes his work with start-ups, creating digital capabilities, transformation, and coaching.

・ Erdinc Ekinci - Co-Director of Founder Institute Korea & Japan - Erdinc is also the Co-founder and CEO of OpenFor.Co. He helps founders scale startups with 12+ years in international business strategy and partnerships, advising startups, enterprises, and governments. He has built a portfolio of 29 startups in Japan and Korea. OpenFor.Co, a global partnership accelerator, has made a nine-figure impact in four years.

・ Giang Trinh - Director at Founder Institute Vietnam - Giang is an innovative investor and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Alpha Books and holds an MBA from INSEEC Paris. As CEO of VMCG Capital, he manages investments in education, tech, and hospitality, and leads programs like InvestUp. He is a Sao Khuê IT Prize judge and advisor for the National Startup and Innovation Advisory Board.

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❯❯ This is a live, interactive online event, so be sure to RSVP at to receive the Zoom URL to join us live!