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MONYAD MEETUP (=^ω^=)💜🇯🇵

Jun 29 @ 18:00 - 21:00 JST

💜💜First in Japan!! MONAD community meetup held💜💜

We will be holding a meetup for the L1 blockchain project "MONAD", which is attracting global

18:00 - 開場
18:30 - Monad APAC Lead opening remarks
18:40 - MONAD commentary by rugrug pudding
19:10 - MONAD session
19:30 - Exchange meeting
21:00 - End

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What is MONAD

It is a developer-friendly blockchain project that aims to solve the scalability and performance issues faced by existing.

⚡️ Massive scalability

Monad boasts incredible scalability, capable of processing up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), by leveraging parallel processing techniques, solving the speed and efficiency problems faced by many other blockchains.


Monad is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing developers to use existing Ethereum tools without modification. This allows DApps developed on Ethereum to be deployed on Monad with little modification, significantly reducing development effort.

⚡️Safe and decentralized

Monad uses a unique consensus mechanism called MonadBFT, combining BLS multi-signatures and ECDSA to achieve high security and efficiency, and a delayed execution model to agree on the order of transactions before executing them, improving the scalability of the entire network.

⚡️Investment and support

Monad has already attracted a lot of attention and has received funding from prominent investors and companies, which will drive further technological development and market expansion, and is expected to become a major player in the blockchain industry.

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What is KudasaiJP

KudasaiJP is the largest cryptocurrency community in Japan

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