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Online Study Session // 夜オンライン勉強会

Mar 6 @ 18:30 - 21:30 JST
The online study session is a self-study space for Women Who Code Tokyo members, where we gather to learn new or improve our technical skills, work on personal projects, and create meaningful connections within the community.

This study's session features a breakout room dedicated to Algorithms and Data structures. In the breakout room, we will work on solving coding exercises to help us sharpen our problem-solving skills, improve our coding proficiency, and prepare us for real-world job interviews using the Leetcode platform.

Choosing to join the Algorithms and Data structures breakout room is optional. You are free to participate in a project or topic of your choice as the usual agenda of the Online Study session.

Event details:
We will share the ZOOM link on the day of the event.

Wednesday, 19:30 to 21:30 JST (GMT+9)
For the best experience for our members, please note that admission will close at 19:45.

General Online Study - AGENDA:
19:25 pm: Admission starts.
19:30: Introductions
19:45: Cameras off, join breakout room, begin studying
20:50: Rejoin the meeting room and share your progress.
21:00: Close! Thank you!

Algorithms and Data Structures Breakout Room - AGENDA:
19:45: Problems to solve: Sliding Window (Part 3).
20:00: Cameras off, problem-solving
20:50: Rejoin the meeting room and share progress.
21:00m: Share solution approach.
21:30: Close! Thank you!

Why join?
Whether you are new to coding or an experienced programmer, this study session offers something for everyone. You will have the chance to network with peers, ask questions, and help each other to succeed in our goals.

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