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Our Future is AI: How to choose which one you want to live with

Mar 6 @ 21:00 - 22:00 JST

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For anyone who wants to understand a little about the huge media coverage of “Artificial Intelligence” of late;
- How we got to “Generative AI” from early work in the 1940’s, what it is and what it is not.
- What to look for in “ethical” uses of AI/GenAI.
- Where it may be going with approaches such as NeuroSymbolic AI and SynAGI from IBM Research.
- How to tell, in the near future, which AI’s you will want in your home and which ones you do not…

Presenter: Jason Garforth

Jason Garforth,
in his role as one of IBM’s Enterprise Architects specialises in AI and ERP (Oracle/SAP), gets to work with a wide variety of commercial and academic clients across Healthcare, Financial Services and Manufacturing. Interested in “intelligent machines” from a young age, the quest for Artificial Intelligence spans three academic degrees across multiple decades including a PhD in “Artificial Intelligence, Executive Attention and Autonomous Robotics from The UK’s Open University”. A passion for healthcare, sparked in 2015 continues to the present, developing biomimetic, biologically plausible, privacy protecting, embedded AI for eldercare.


Please join us at the session that is best suited to your time zone. Note that this topic is:
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