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Roundtable: The Imposter Syndrome

Jun 27 @ 18:30 - 20:30 JST

⭐ Creative Tokyo is cohosting a roundtable with Thinkers Social Club! Watch this topic video (7 min) before we meet: The Imposter Syndrome

Join us for a casual chat about things that affect our daily lives.

Have you ever felt imposter syndrome? Has anyone ever felt fully competent? How do other people handle this? Whether you've often contemplated this or it's a fresh concept, let's explore it together in a warm, welcoming environment!

⛔ Keep in mind
This is not a philosophical debate or dating meetup. The goal is always to listen, be heard, and have fun.

🕒 Schedule
18:30 - Mingling and setup
19:00 - Facilitated small groups discussion
20:15 - Main event is over
20:30 - WeWork closes

If you are late: PLEASE join the least crowded table. The heart of this meetup is keeping groups small.
Thinkers Social Club is always looking for facilitators! If you would like to volunteer, join them on Discord or Meetup!

📍 Venue
RSVP on Luma required, as WeWork requires your email for security. We can safely hold ~50 people. Once we hit that max, we will limit entrance.


What is Thinkers Social Club?
This group was started to address the need to know and be known by others. We provide a framework and a space to talk about the stuff that really matters. You can expect to meet new friends whom you get to know well, and be prompted with questions that make you think. It's a place to learn and bond over a few drinks. Stop by and share your thoughts, or simply just listen.

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