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Spectrum Tokyo Meetup #07

Nov 24 @ 19:00 - 21:30 JST

About This Event

Spectrum Tokyo is all about new design trends and digging into broader perspectives in technology and design.

This is our in-person meetup where designers (and non-designers) gather to talk randomly about design, share ideas, and casually connect. We feel that the local designers have little chance to speak English and interact with international talents, which is such a loss of opportunity in many ways.

Therefore, all Lightning Talks and mingling will be in English. Please note that the crowd will consist of various English levels, and we insist that speakers of all levels pay respect to each other to make an encouraging, friendly atmosphere for all. We look forward to meeting up with all of you!

Spectrum Tokyo Meetup #07

Date: Nov 24, 2023
Time: 19:00-21:30 (18:45 open)
Place: pixiv Inc. (JPR Sendagaya Building 5F)
Tickets: 1,000 yen
*Drinks and snacks will be served at the venue

Lightning Talks (5 min each)

Talk Theme

Tell us about your latest passion & trends in Design


How Can AI Empower Identity?
Rimo LLC|Digital Product Designer
Ayumi Nishiya|X

How to make Gen Z eat more fruits
Musashino Art University|Student
Woo seop Shin|Linkedin

What does it mean when we say Sustainable UX
The Japan Research Institute|UX/UI Designer
Liu Yifan (Evan)|Linkedin

Working with engineers and product managers as a product designer
RMIT University|UX and Usability consultant, Lecturer
William Lim|Linkedin

AI chatbots are the new hype, but can users actually use it?
Currently on sabbatical leave|Product Designer
Cheri Sanih|Linkedin

My Journey as a UX Researcher
pixiv Inc.|UX Researcher
Aran Suzuki

【❗️】We still have some slots open for this month’s talk. If you’re interested, please send your proposal through our Google Form.


Ryo Sampei|Spectrum Tokyoプロデューサー / Design Matters Tokyo |Linkedin
Hiroki Tani|Designer Advocate at Figma|X