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THS nihongo open house / THSオープンハウス(日本語night)

Jul 24 @ 19:30 - 21:30 JST

(English follow Japanese notice)

"オープンハウス "は、人々が集まり、挨拶をし、お互いのことを知り、私たちのことを知り、ハックの話をする定例会です。また、必要であれば我々のツールも使うことができます。これはハッカースペース全体の文化でもあります。

"日本語Night "は、オープンハウスの日本版です。主に日本語を話せるメンバーや友人が対象ですが、日本語が話せる、話せないに関わらず、誰でも参加できます。日本語の会話を練習する良い機会でもありますが、他言語で話してもOKです。








“Find out what THS is all about”

We restarted open public meeting!
Whom interested in THS, visit us!

"Open House is a regular meeting where people come out, say hello, get to know each other and what we are all about, and talk about hacks. Also, our tools can be used if needed. This is a culture of the whole hackerspace.

"Nihongo Night is a Japanese version of Open House. Mainly for Japanese speaking members and friends, but open to all, whether Japanese speaking or not. This is a good opportunity to practice your conversational Japanese, but speaking in other languages is OK.

Please note that you will required that fully vaccinated (including 3rd shot except who don’t received 3rd shot coupon yet.) and wear the surgical mask above your nose at all time.

Also, according to COVID-19 situation, we may cancel our future open public meeting.
Paid member can still use THS facility but please consider to avoid influence of COVID-19.

How to get there:

From Ikebukuro, take Tobu Tojo local line to Naka-Itabashi station.
Please use the SOUTH exit. Turn RIGHT at the street in front of the bicycle park.
At ”ラーメン まつおぶし” turn RIGHT

Now you have a choice!

Follow this street all the way to the river. There is a bridge in front of you. Do NOT pay the troll! ;)
Instead, at the river, turn LEFT. We are the 4th building (the one on the corner).

--OR--Follow this street until the 3rd LEFT. Turn here. At the next cross street, turn right. Follow it to the river. We are right on the corner, on the right side.

Directions to THS can be found here: