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try! Swift Tokyo WWDC Recap 2024

Jul 12 @ 16:30 - 21:00 JST

There were many updates at WWDC this year that made developers excited!

try! Swiftが主催するこのイベントでは、実際にWWDC Special Eventに参加した方々が登壇し、今年のWWDCを皆さんと一緒に振り返ります。
Those who actually participated in the WWDC Special Event will take the stage and look back on this year's WWDC with everyone.

タイムテーブル / Timeline

16:30 - 17:00 入場 Check-in
17:00 Introduction
17:10 Presentation 1
17:45 Presentation 2
18:15 Break
18:30 Lightning Talks by Swift Student Challenge winners
18:45 Presentation 3
19:15 パネルディスカッション Panel
20:00 交流の時間 Mixer
21:00 Closing

参加条件 / Who can join
Apple Developer Program に加入していること
Enrollment to Apple Developer Program

みなさんが加入するApple Developer Programの秘密保持の条項の内容について取り扱う可能性が高いイベントです。そのため、参加はApple Developer Programに加入している開発者に限定します。
This is an event that is likely to deal with the contents of the confidentiality clauses of the Apple Developer Program that you are joining.
Therefore, participation is limited to developers who are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

注意事項 / Notice

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