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XR Nights - Bringing The Real World To The Virtual

Jul 25 @ 19:00 - 22:00 JST


After our successful return event in May we’re back once again on Thursday 25th July with our VR / AR / MR focused meetup XR Nights, hosted at the the Lull Tech Beach Coworking Space in Shibuya.

For this event our main talk will be from our host Leonard Burton on the topic of Gaussian Splatting:

Have you ever wanted to recreate a 3D model of a interesting thing you’ve seen or place you’ve been just from photos or video? With gaussian splatting it’s become almost trivial to do with even just your phone camera and by processing it in the cloud or on your own PC.

This introduction to gaussian splatting will share what it is all about; the tools you can use to get started with it for free; and it will also share some ideas on how you might use it both practically and creatively across different mediums, including the XR mediums of VR, AR and MR.


We are also planning once again to have some headsets, tech and demos at the event for anyone who is interested to try things out for themselves. And if you have anything or know anyone that has something they are working on that they would like to share at the meetup, please reach out and let us know as we welcome people sharing at the event.

This next event will again be a free event and we’ll be making snacks and drinks available for attendees - while the event is free we will have an optional box for donations. Attendance is limited so be sure to RSVP early to guarantee your place.

If preferred, you can alternatively RSVP through our Peatix event page.
We look forward to seeing you on the 25th July (Thursday) at the Lull Tech Beach Coworking Space Seminar Room in Shibuya. Doors open at 19:00.


19:00 - Venue Opens
19:30 - Event Introduction
19:40 - Talk - Easily capturing your world in 3D with Gaussian Splatting with Leonard Burton
20:00 - Open Socialising and Demos
21:45 - Event Closing Remarks
22:00 - Event Finish


We’d like to offer a thank you to our venue host Lull Tech Beach Coworking Space for allowing us to use their space for this meetup. If you’re looking for a co-working space or meeting room hire, you can find more details on their website

Want to be our food and drink sponsor? Get in touch.


5月の成功した復帰イベントの後、7月25日(木)に再び開催されるVR / AR / MRに焦点を当てたミートアップ「XR Nights」は、渋谷のLull Tech Beach コワーキングスペースで開催されます。

今回のイベントでは、英語でホストのLeonard Burtonが**「ガウシアンスプラッティング」**についてのメイントークを行います:






7月25日(木)に渋谷のLull Tech Beach コワーキングスペース セミナールームでお会いできることを楽しみにしています。開場は19:00です。

19:00 - 会場オープン
19:30 - イベント紹介
19:40 - 講演 - Leonard Burtonによる「ガウシアンスプラッティングで簡単に3Dで世界をキャプチャーする方法」
20:00 - オープンソーシャライジングとデモ
21:45 - イベントクロージングリマークス
22:00 - イベント終了

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