Nabla Mobility

NABLA Mobility Inc. is a startup that designs, develops, and provides flight optimization products for airlines using data analysis and AI/ML. We aim to enhance operational resilience and achieve both better efficiency and decarbonization by supporting optimal operational decision-making for the aviation industry and various transportation modes.

For this purpose, we comprehensively analyze and predict each element of the complex and ever-changing operational environment, and calculate the impact of pilots' decision-making on time, fuel efficiency, and safety with high resolution. Advanced technology is required. We combine the latest technologies, AI/ML, to develop software products that support efficient decision-making.

This field is still in its infancy, even globally, and we will combine cutting-edge academic theories and cutting-edge technology with the operational know-how of our customers, and airline companies, to create unprecedented solutions and help shape the future of aviation - we shape the new way of flight operation.

Founded in 2021, NABLA Mobility aims for the global market from the beginning and is looking for new team members to promote development together from this early stage.

Working at Nabla Mobility

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