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Product – Product Management, Director/Sr. Manager

Tokyo - productdesign
English: business
Japanese: fluent
Full time

Job Description

This position is responsible for managing strategically important product and developing new business in Japan region.

In Product management role, you will create roadmap for the product and product spec, and manage cross functional teams including Product managers, UX/UI designer, IT, and Operating company’s team (Management, Sale team and operation team) in order to deliver the product, improve the KPI and realize the roadmap. And of course, you will have client-facing task to manage client expectation with the operating companies.

In new business development role, you develop new business. This assignment has to execute market research, create product structure and business case, and to execute feasibility study with US team. When the plan is developed, this position has to obtain buy-in for the plan from Asurion Japan management and to set up project structure for the launch.


You will have responsibilities to lead one or several product development projects and new business developments.

This position has following responsibilities in each product/business opportunity.

Product Planning

  • Discover customer needs and product strategy planning based on data analysis.

  • Define Product vision, Product roadmap and KPI / Metrics Goal to support customer’s comfortable technology life.

  • Collect, measure and analyze quantitative and qualitative data sourcing either internal or external. And formulate the necessary strategy to achieve  KPI / Metrics Goal working closely with operating companies, data scientists, UX design and IT team.

  • Lead problem solving activities which is complicated problems due to cross company/department related in order to deliver expected values to our clients.

Project Management

  • Track KPI / Metrics against Goal and analyze root cause, and then formulate countermeasures.

  • Create and implement a continuous improvement plan to achieve KPI and goals.

  • Redefine KPI / Metrics Goal according to customer needs.

  • Conduct cost assessments and audits of the product with operating companies.

  • Conduct cost-effectiveness verification based on performance analysis.

  • Obtain project investment approval from stakeholders.

  • Lead project progress updates with stakeholders to ensure transparency.

Project Delivery

  • Client facing

  • Manage client expectation to prioritize backlogs.

  • Create BRD and User stories in English, discussing with Scrum master and engineers.

  • Lead product delivery on time manner to achieve KPI, collaborating with UX, engineering, data analytics and operating companies.

Sales activities

  • To win the product from our clients, work closely with operating company to prepare the proposal, define the scope and support creating business case.

  • Lead activities to get project approval for investment and QMO process.

Team and People management

  • When the products/business is accepted by our clients/our management, and the project is expanded, Team management and people management will be necessary.

  • Manage FTEs and contractors in product team in various products and also take care of the members in journey team to build one team.

  • Build stable and growing team to realize our leadership principles

Essential Skills

  • Various experiences in leading project to develop Product with cross-functional team

  • Strong product development and improvement planning based on performance verification, data analysis, and machine learning

  • Strong end-user and data driven product planning

  • Various experiences in creating User story in Agile, cooperating with engineers in English

  • Strong mobile industrial knowledge

  • Commitment to achieve KPI goal

  • People management (5+ members)

  • Presentation

  • PC skills: Excel, Word and PowerPoint

  • Ability to take actions beyond your responsibilities when aiming to achieve the Goal

  • Logical thinking, problem solving ability

  • Ability to listen others, earn trust and involve stakeholders

  • Learn and be curious with new things


  • Experience of system or product development in Agile or Journey team

  • Experience of Prediction service by Machine learning AI engine

  • Work experience in contact center or logistic center (administrator)

  • Work experience at mobile operators, carrier shops, or after-sales support areas.

  • Proto typing tool, such as Adobe XD、InVision,Figma

  • MBA preferred

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