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Product – Product Manager

Tokyo - productdesign
English: business
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Full time

Job Description

Asurion supports your comfortable life through the technology connecting with you. This position brings the experience of delivering new products and services to millions of customers in a B to B to C business model. You will work as a key member of the product management, and will plan product, implement, operate and improve working closely with UX design team, engineering team, data scientist team, operation, and account management team. The development team will quickly and continuously introduce new features in the journey team model. This position is responsible for contributing to the expansion of the Japan Region program.


You will have responsibilities to plan product, implement, operate and improve in each program.

◆ Discovering customer needs and product strategy planning based on data analysis

  • Define Product vision, Product roadmap and KPI / Metrics Goal to support customer’s comfortable technology life

  • Collect, measure and analyze quantitative and qualitative data sourcing either internal or external. And formulate the necessary strategy to achieve  KPI / Metrics Goal working closely with operating companies, data scientist team, UX design team and development team

◆ Project management

  • Track KPI / Metrics against Goal and analyze root cause, and then formulate countermeasures

  • Create and implement a continuous improvement plan to achieve KPI goals

  • Redefine KPI / Metrics Goal according to customer needs

  • Conduct cost assessments and audits of the product with operating companies

  • Conduct cost-effectiveness verification based on performance analysis

  • Obtain project investment approval from stakeholders

  • Lead project progress updates with stakeholders to ensure transparency

◆ Product delivery and verification

  • Create BRD (Business requirement doc) and PRD(Product requirement doc)e in English, discussing with development team

  • Lead product delivery on time manner to achieve KPI, collaborating with UX design team, development team, data science team and operating companies

Essential Skills

Experience involved in the development cycle in the following areas(as SE, PdM, PM etc)

  • Software

  • Business System

  • Mobile App

  • Web App

  • Web Service


  • Understanding of product development processes(Agile/Scrum, etc.)

  • Understanding of project management processes

  • Experience of Prediction service by ML/AI, Web service, mobile application development projects

  • Experience of B2B2C business(telecommunication industry)

About Asurion Careers

Asurion aims to solve everything related to technology and give our customers peace of mind no matter what.

Regardless of device, network or platform, you can connect and configure the latest equipment in your connected home, repair or replace a failed device, and even provide the latest information on your favorite technology.

Assurion supports the days when customers can connect with technology with peace of mind and utilize it, which will make their lives a little more convenient and wonderful.