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Machine Learning Engineer

avatarin Inc. Tokyo | Hybrid
EN: business
JP: none
6,656,064 JPY on average (est)
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

AI Engineer in Avatarin AI and Robotics team, you will work on adding new AI-enabled features to our flagship robot Newme. 

The goal of the AI and Robotic team is to come up with solutions for the needs of our business partners, using technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Object Detection, Gaze estimation and so on.

You will be designing AI-powered solutions to respond to the needs of the customer, and working closely with the product development team to implement and productionize those solutions.

You will be able to create Proof Of Concept using high level languages such as Python, and rewrite those PoC in C/C++ to integrate the main product codebase.


  • Design AI solutions for business partners needs
  • Research on the latest achievements in Machine learning
  • Write performant code that can be easily deployed to thousands of Newme


Must-have Skills

  • Solid theoretical knowledge of machine learning and neural networks
  • 2+ years industry experience in Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Proficiency in Python and solid bases in C/C++ for fast prototyping and deployment
  • Proficiency in Contenarization technologies (i.e Docker) and Version Control (i.e Git) for easy team collaboration

Nice to Have

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or Deep Learning related field
  • Practical experience with deploying AI models on the edge or in the cloud
  • Good knowledge on distributed systems, cloud and high-performance computing
  • Familiarity with Nvidia technologies (Cuda/TensorRT/Deepstream)

About the Company

avatarin was established as a spin-out of ANA Holdings Inc. in 2020 to democratize mobility by opening the door to a world in which anyone can instantly and sustainably transport themselves to a remote destination. avatarin aims to achieve this goal through the development of core technologies that enable real-time teleportation of human presence and skills through robots and other mobility solutions. This new avatarin capability will not only help the world efficiently share its skills but also exponentially expand the spectrum of human interaction data that can be collected from real-world experiences.

avatarin’s flagship product is a mobile, communication AI avatar robot called newme. Deployment of the newme robot is the first step in a larger vision to pioneer an instant, sustainable, and inclusive mobility network to connect people to places and experiences. avatarin has been operating newme robots in aquariums and museums since 2021 and is working to expand deployment to public spaces including airports, hotels, hospitals, government offices, train stations, and retail stores in Japan and around the world.

Team Culture

  • Strong collaborating and communicating skills, with a passion for learning
  • Being a valued team player in a dynamic, autonomous, cross-functional team
  • Love working on a fast-paced team that is constantly learning, experimenting, and iterating
  • Having a passion for performance excellence and robustness with an engineering mindset
  • Having an enthusiastic, go-getter attitude

Selection Process

  • Pre-Screening Test (20min )
  • Skills Screening Test (90min)
  • General Introduction (45min)
  • Deep Dive Technical Interview (90min)
  • Final Interview (60min)

Working Conditions

  • Flex working schedule 07:00 to 22:00
  • 2 days / week remote working (Expansion up to 4 days based on the performance)
  • Long holiday policy up to 1 month continuously
  • Team Lunch / Dinner activity sponsored by the company per month or quarter based
  • Company wide recreational events (arranged lunch, BBQ, training camp, etc.)
  • Fully English working environment at Technology team

avatarin Benefit Program

  • 15 days Paid Leave per year, can accumulate for 2 consecutive years
  • Commuter allowance is provided between closest station to Home & Company
  • Housing allowance (30,000yen/month) is provided if living within the 5Km radius from the Company
  • Child allowance (10,000yen/child/month) is provided up to 2 children, up till 14 years of old
  • Learning Development Program worth 30,000 yen/year credits shall be reimbursed for carrier growth
  • Health, Pension, Employment insurance is provided (50:50% commitment from employee & company)
  • Maternity & paternity leave up to 1 year (working more than a year)