Jobs / Graphics Engineer
EN: none
JP: fluent
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

As a Graphics Engineer at Limit Break, you are an essential bridge between the creative vision of our art teams and the technical execution within the Unity engine. Your role focuses on integrating and optimizing visual elements to enhance the gaming experience while adhering to the technical constraints of mobile platforms. You will collaborate closely with artists, designers, and programmers to bring these elements to life, ensuring top-notch visual fidelity and performance across our titles.


  • Collaborate with artists and designers to understand and implement the project's artistic vision within Unity.
  • Optimize real-time 3D graphics for mobile platforms, focusing on performance and visual quality.
  • Develop and maintain efficient graphics pipelines and workflows in Unity.
  • Write and maintain shaders and effects to enhance visual output and performance.
  • Provide technical support and guidance to the art team, resolving challenges in daily production.
  • Create and enforce technical benchmarks for production, implement optimizations, and monitor game performance.
  • Engage in continuous learning and sharing of best practices and new tools with the team.


Who you are and what you've done.

  • Fluent in Japanese
  • Extensive experience in game development with a strong focus on graphics using Unity 3D.
  • Expert-level knowledge of Unity, particularly its rendering pipeline and graphics capabilities.
  • Proficiency in C# scripting within Unity.
  • Experience in Shader development.

About the Company

Deep expertise. Personal and Industry evolution. Impeccable craft. These are Limit Break’s founding principles.

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