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UI Designer / LINE LIVE / LINE Fukuoka

@LINE - Tokyo

Job Description:

The service in charge is mainly in charge of LINE LIVE. You will be responsible for product design from the upstream process together with the business.

It is the role of the designer to deliver WOW to customers together with the business division. Let's face the product and create a good service through the design of LINE.


  • Quality control of the entire product from service design design

  • Measure improvement based onUI / UX design design, production and effect measurement
    Competitive research, market research

  • iOS / Andoroid application design

  • Landing page design , product quality control , production schedule management [Business environment] -Macbook Pro and monitor supply -Design tools use Figma, Sketch, Photoshop.

  • We are actively providing feedback among team members.

  • The designer's evaluation is always handled by the designer, so you can receive appropriate feedback. [Attractiveness of work]

  • You can perform creative production that many users see

  • Because of the wide range of services, you can be involved in various creative production

  • Production quality of the entire team as well as your own project.

  • It is possible to improve measures with a sense of speed based on the effect measurement.

  • It is a flat work environment that is horizontal rather than vertical, and it is easy to express your own opinions.


  • Basic knowledge and practical experience related to UI design (3 years or more)

  • Tools for visual design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), Tools for UI design (Sketch, Figma, XD, etc.) Practical use experience

  • Knowledge about Android, iOS, mobile / web design

  • Design direction experience of web service development

  • Quality check and supervision experience in the design field

  • UI design production experience of mobile apps

  • People who can sympathize with LINE's mission and values

  • People who like design and have a lot of energy

  • People who can enjoy change and have flexibility

  • People who can actively work on problem solving

About Line:

With LINE communication app as its mainstay, LINE Corporation's business is associated with the development, operation and advertisement of mobile applications and internet services, including communication, contents, and entertainment, and has recently expanded its business to the areas of Fintech and AI. LINE's corporate mission is "Closing the Distance" and strives to bring people of the world closer to each other, to information, and to services.
Language Requirements:
English: none     Japanese: none