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Senior UX Designer

Tokyo - uxdesign
English: business
Japanese: fluent
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description:

In this position, you will have the opportunity to lead product design of Mercari, a marketplace app with 20 million monthly active users, and to design not only components on screens but also the entire user experience, making an impact on the business. Apart from that, this position will allow you to work on various kinds of design tasks for our product such as developing design systems from scratch, through which you can get experience that will be a valuable asset for you as a product designer.


  • Contributing to maximizing user experience/profit through designing UX and UI

  • Designing UI and UX for the Mercari marketplace app (designing listing and buying experiences, etc.)

  • Designing UI and UX for new services

  • Improving UX/UI for the existing product, working on growth hacking, and designing marketing promotions

  • Communicating with product managers/engineers and getting involved in decision making

  • Driving projects forward (managing progress/resources and adjusting the scope of work)

  • Conducting job interviews with designers

  • Improving the UX and UI of components that Mercari and Merpay share

  • Establishing communication policies with users such as notifications and promotions

  • Planning and developing strategic initiatives for the entire company

  • Revamping listing and buying experiences for each category

  • Acting as a creative director for large-scale promotions


  • Shared understanding and belief in our company’s mission and values

  • 7+ years of experience designing UI/UX for apps or web

  • Ability to demonstrate leadership skills and lead projects in collaboration with team members

  • Experience using development tools such as Figma and InVision

  • Shared interest in Mercari’s mission and values

  • Experience using the Mercari app to buy and sell items

  • Please attach a portfolio that shows the track record of projects that you have been involved in, including overall process, roles & responsibilities, and output.


  • Experience in people management or enthusiasm for creating a design organization

  • Experience in managing projects

  • Experience designing B2C services with a large user base

About Mercari:

Mercari is a Japan-based company with the mission of “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.” Having continuously worked toward this goal since our founding in 2013, we are now transforming from a startup into a global player. While this transformation brings its own specific set of challenges, we believe that solving them one after another will allow us to fully achieve our mission. Are you interested in working together to take on these exciting challenges?