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Software Engineer

Tokyo | Remote (Anywhere in Japan) - engineeringsoftwareengineer
English: business
Japanese: fluent
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Platform engineers for machine learning/search systems develop the functions and services of the marketplace app Mercari through the development and maintenance of infrastructure and platforms. Mercari is actively applying machine learning/search technology to provide a more convenient, safer, and more enjoyable marketplace. Machine learning/search platform engineers use the cloud and Kubernetes to operate and improve machine learning/search systems.


  • Develop libraries and frameworks to improve the availability of machine learning/search systems

  • Improve the existing machine learning/search infrastructure and leverage industry-leading best practices to help the AI/search team operate

  • Disseminate the best practices of machine learning/search engine operation, improve the development process, and improve the skills of engineers

  • Develop and improve monitoring and logging systems for the evaluation of machine learning models/search experiments

  • Collaborate with other teams to develop large-scale infrastructure

Required Experience

  • Operating a web system

  • Over 5 years of software development experience and over 3 years of Java, Python, or Golang development experience

  • End-to-end backend system development experience

  • Basic knowledge and skills related to security, basic knowledge and troubleshooting skills related to RDBMS, SQL, network, Linux, monitoring system, logging, and operation

  • Communication skills to carry out projects in collaboration with multiple teams and stakeholders

Preferred Experience

  • Developing and operating large-scale distributed systems (Kubernetes, Hadoop, etc.)

  • Functional development and bug fixing skills necessary to improve system performance and reliability

  • Using container technology such as Docker and Kubernetes

  • Using the cloud (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, etc.)

  • Microservice development and operation experience with Docker and Kubernetes

  • Using one or both of the following:

    • Machine learning: TensorFlow Serving, TensorFlow Lite, ONNX

    • Search: Elasticsearch, Solr, or other OSS search engines