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Money Forward

Product Designer

Tokyo - productdesign
English: business
Japanese: fluent
Full time

Job Description

We are building a new for Japan & the global market. This platform enables users to easily manage the cloud services they use, at any scale.

This is a position in Money Forward i, a start-up subsidiary of Money Forward.


As a Product Designer, you will design IT Management Cloud, our web application that centralizes data from over 100 SaaS applications.

Our Product Designer is expected to understand the customer's job, design the solution, and be responsible for the delivery of the solution. You will work with the product owner to define the customer's problems and find a way to solve them. This position is responsible for looking for a better way to get the customer's jobs done, creating the solution, and continuously improving it based on feedback to increase the product value.

For example, you can be actively involved in every step of the product delivery lifecycle.

Although you can start working on one part of the product delivery lifecycle depending on your skills, UI design necessary for product development is your must-do responsibility.

  • Work with product owners to hypothesize issues through design, product management, user research, user modeling, and engineering, prioritize the product roadmap, and discover better, more impactful products.

  • Redesigning users' extensive and complex workflows in a smoother and simpler way, encouraging them to change their behavior and transforming it into a simple and great experience.

  • Prototyping based on the hypothesis, interviewing users, delivering and verifying the impact of the value to the users.

  • Work with web developers on UI/UX design for delivery.


  • 5+ years of experience as a UI Designer / UX Designer or Product designer in software development

  • Experience as a designer involved in all stages of software delivery from design, build to maintenance

  • Experience in BtoB SaaS application design

  • Experience in Markup (HTML/CSS) and JavaScriptExperience in prototyping using Figma, Adobe XD, etc.

  • Experience in product discovery through user interviews and data analysis

  • Experience in working with Product managers and Engineers

  • Having strong facilitation skill


  • Experience in Agile/Scrum development process

  • Experience in front-end development with Modern JS frameworks such as React, VueJS, etc.

  • Experience in developing in an English-speaking environment

  • Experience in UI design for English-speaking market

  • Experience as a designer in a startup

About Money Forward

Money Forward is a FinTech company offering a wide variety of financial services – from personal finance management to B2B SaaS products for businesses. Their goal is to resolve financial issues for all individuals and corporations and build a better society.

The company's been growing rapidly, and they're expanding their global hiring to help further expand the company. That means that they're open to hiring those with limited or no Japanese skills – for the first time.

Money Forward is one of Japan's hottest FinTech companies and now's a great opportunity to be a part of one of their continued growth!