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Job Description

As a Computer Vision Engineer, you will be a part of the Mujin R&D team, focusing on the algorithmic design, development, and deployment of computer vision applications for high-speed recognition and the world’s first 3D vision system for factory automation and logistics solutions.


  • Algorithm Development: Design and implement computer vision algorithms for 3D perception and understanding tasks, such as 3D reconstruction, object detection, tracking, pose estimation, and depth estimation, using traditional computer vision techniques such as feature extraction, feature matching, geometric modelling, and image processing
  • Data Processing: Develop and implement algorithms for processing and analyzing 3D data, such as point clouds, depth maps, and RGB-D images, to extract meaningful information and insights
  • System Integration: Integrate computer vision algorithms into real-world systems, such as robotics, and industrial automation, and optimize their performance for real-time and low-latency operation
  • Performance Optimization: Optimize the performance and efficiency of computer vision algorithms for resource-constrained environments, such as embedded systems or edge devices, by leveraging techniques such as algorithm optimization, parallel processing, and hardware acceleration
  • Performance Evaluation: Conduct quantitative and qualitative evaluations of computer vision algorithms and systems, analyze their performance, and propose improvements and optimizations
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Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Robotics, or related fields
  • Strong proficiency in computer vision fundamentals, including feature extraction, feature matching, geometric modelling, and image processing
  • Experience with computer vision tasks, such as 3D reconstruction, object detection, tracking, pose estimation, and depth estimation, and familiarity with relevant algorithms and techniques
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as C++, and Python and experience with popular computer vision libraries, such as OpenCV, PCL, or similar tools

Preferable Requirements

  • Experience with AR/VR technologies, robotics, industrial automation, or other related fields
  • Publications or contributions to computer vision or related research communities
  • Familiarity with software development best practices, version control, and agile development methodologies
  • Experience with optimization techniques, parallel processing, and hardware acceleration for computer vision applications
  • Knowledge of sensor fusion, localization, and mapping techniques, such as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)


  • We are hiring to expand the team! If you would like to apply real-time computer vision algorithms to robotics and join the industrial automation revolution, this role is for you!
  • Our computer vision algorithms must be robust to run on 24/7 systems for thousands of items per customer, for diverse customers and applications. We must continue to enlarge its capabilities toward more autonomy, scalability, and diversity of applications.
  • The current team members have done research in the world’s top-tier universities and labs in robotics, computer vision, and image and signal processing, such as at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. They have also worked in other industries like robotic inspection and automotive.

About the Company

Mujin develops and sells "intelligent robot controllers" with the goal of building a common platform for industrial robots. Conventional robots are suitable for automating repetitive work, but traditionally they've been hard to install in environments where products and surroundings change. Most robots have complex settings that are hard to change for each use case. Mujin's tech solves this problem using technology called motion planning. It allows them to provide solutions that replace heavy but simple work done by humans with automation by robots. The technology is used primarily for logistics and manufacturing applications.