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Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Mujin is a robotics start-up company. In the past 12 years, we're focused on the Factory Automation area to solve the lack of labor shortage.

In 2021, we have established our branch office in the United States. As we continue to grow, 2023 has been an exceptional year for us as we emerge as a global company, spearheading numerous groundbreaking projects and technologies across Japan, the U.S., and China.

As we take this significant leap forward, enhancing our products’ scalability is crucial to our business strategy. Therefore, we’re looking for a new Electronics Product Manager.

As an Electronics Product Manager in Mujin, you will organize product requirements, manage prototype manufacturing and testing, establish mass production operations, provide legal support, ensure regulatory compliance, and prepare user product instructions. This role requires strong collaboration with stakeholders, knowledge of electronics products regulations, and attention to detail to ensure successful product development and production.


1. Organize requirements for new product development:

  • Gather and consolidate requirements from various stakeholders for the development of new products
  • Organize and prioritize product development requests
  • Collaborate with Hardware System Design Engineers to determine development requirements for the next generation of Mujin electronic products

2. Manage prototype manufacturing and testing:

  • Coordinate with multiple suppliers to manufacture prototypes for functional verification of new products
  • Manage the manufacturing and testing processes for prototypes
  • Conduct supplier selection and evaluation for prototype manufacturing

3. Establish mass production operations:

  • Develop plans for mass production operations, considering factors such as cost, production schedule, quality, electronic product regulations, and supplier production capacity
  • Support and facilitate the introduction of new products to the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) factories, and ensure quality standards are met during mass production

4. Legal support:

  • Collaborate with the legal department to review contracts and provide legal support for supplier negotiations

5. Regulatory compliance and certifications:

  • Assist in ensuring compliance with electronic product regulations in various countries
  • Facilitate the process of obtaining necessary certifications for products

6. Preparation of product instructions for users


Required Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in engineering, electronics, computer science, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience in electronic system design or as a product manager
  • 3+ years of experience in supplier negotiation, management, and evaluation
  • Bilingual in Japanese and English

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years of hands-on experience with ISO, IEC or JISC certification support
  • Skills in reading and understanding Altium or Quadcept or KiCad
  • Hands-on experience with PCB design

About the Company

Mujin develops and sells "intelligent robot controllers" with the goal of building a common platform for industrial robots. Conventional robots are suitable for automating repetitive work, but traditionally they've been hard to install in environments where products and surroundings change. Most robots have complex settings that are hard to change for each use case. Mujin's tech solves this problem using technology called motion planning. It allows them to provide solutions that replace heavy but simple work done by humans with automation by robots. The technology is used primarily for logistics and manufacturing applications.

Relocation Support

  • If you relocate from outside of Japan, we will provide the following support.
  • One-way flight to Japan
  • Shipping expenses with cap
  • Temporary housing assist
  • Permanent housing assist
  • Visa application support


  • Two full days off per a week (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Holidays scheduled on the Company’s calendar
  • 10 Paid Leaves in first year
  • Congratulation/Condolence, Maternity/Childcare, Family Caregiver Leave

Company Benefits

General Information

  • Work Place: Tatsumi office: 3-8-5 Tatsumi, Koto-City, Tokyo, 135-0053 Japan
  • Work Hours: 8:45 to 17:45 including one hour breaking, with flexibility
  • Work Style: on-site
  • Salary: Flexible depending on experience and skills