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Senior Project Manager

EN: business
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Full time

Job Description

Rapyuta Robotics, an ETH Zurich startup headquartered in Tokyo, operates with a vision to become the leader in making robots more accessible. We lead the pick-assist AMR market in Japan and are backed by Goldman Sachs, Sony and Yaskawa as investors.

Rapyuta ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) is our latest product released in Aug. 2023. It fundamentally changes the approach to building Autonomous Storage and Retrieval Systems. It pushes the limits of the performance while being the most flexible to adapt to changing business needs. Your initiative tenure will be with Rapyuta ASRS where you will build and manage a team of project managers to take Rapyuta ASRS to production.You will collaborate closely with Product Management, marketing, sales, and customer success as part of the product leadership.

Expected Mindset

  • You are purpose-driven and can deeply connect with our mission to empower lives with connected machines.
  • You align deeply with our core values, embracing customer empathy and fostering openness for collaboration, to guide decision-making, enhance innovation, and secure impactful outcomes.
  • You are an ‘old soul’: maintaining equanimity in the face of challenges and successes, deeply connecting with others, and striving to serve and uplift them.


  • Solution Proposal Evaluation: Oversee and evaluate the implementation proposals and detailed schedule for ASRS deployment projects, ensuring feasibility and cost-effectiveness. Find issues quickly with big picture and total optimization. 
  • Solutioning and Collaboration Post-purchase-order: Oversee the solutioning process after a purchase order is received. Empower your team to work collaboratively with customers, product team (engineering), business analysts and construction project managers, ensuring solutions are effectively tailored to meet customer needs.
  • Deployment and Integration: Lead your team in the execution of deployment, including detail planning, scheduling, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), to achieve high-quality implementation and customer satisfaction. This includes guiding the team in working with multiple vendors and coordinating with in-house field engineering teams for the seamless integration of technological components.
  • Feedback Implementation: Establish and maintain channels for collecting feedback from stakeholders and customers, and adeptly apply this feedback to refine and enhance the project management function and product improvement and development
  • Leadership and Team Building: Spearhead the development of a project manager team under our Associate Project Manager program, emphasizing passion for teaching and mentoring. This initiative aims to cultivate young professionals into effective project leaders, akin to similar programs in industry-leading companies.


  • At least 5 years of experience in customer project management within enterprise software or consulting firms. 
  • A minimum of 3 years of team management experience, demonstrating the ability to inspire, develop, and lead high-performing teams.
  • Broad technical understanding and experience in deploying large software solutions or industrial equipment deployment
  • Business-level proficiency in both Japanese and English, facilitating effective communication across diverse teams and stakeholders.
  • A demonstrated ability to quickly adapt to and learn new tools and technologies, with a commitment to continuous professional development.
  • Experience leading and delivering results across projects in a cross-functional environment

About the Company

Rapyuta Robotics is a global technology startup that builds cloud robotics solutions. Their goal is to empower lives through connected machines so humans can focus on intellectually challenging and creative work. They have around 110 employees across their offices in Japan and India.


  • Competitive salary
  • International working environment
  • Cutting edge technology