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YouCode JP

Programming Teacher

Tokyo - engineeringoperations
English: fluent
Japanese: none
Employment Type
Part time

Job Description:

We are looking to hire for a side job position, teaching programming to children, both online(remote) and at our classes.

You will be teaching online to individual students, and in our classrooms just for a few hours per week, to groups of 5 students on average.

Our classes are in Roppongi, Tokyo.


  • Good proficiency with the use of computers and technology

  • Background in Programming, IT, Computer Sciences, Maths, etc. is preferred

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

About You:

  • Intense Passion In What You Do: You should ideally have an unwavering commitment to delivering great work. You should always challenge yourself and your team members to be the best possible teacher for your students.

  • Generous and Patient: We want a motivated, caring teacher that enjoys being a model for the children and sharing with them knowledge in an engaging and playful way.

  • Willingness To Learn & Collaborate: We need team players who can work well with the management team and the other teachers. You must be open to receiving and giving feedback so that everyone can learn and progress together.

  • Commitment & Perseverance: You must be committed to working in the Tech-education sector and be willing to put in the hard work to learn as much as possible.

  • You must be already in Japan, with a valid visa that allows for part-time jobs. Visa sponsorship in the future can be considered.

Work Arrangement:

  • For our online classes: remote working from anywhere.

  • Commute to our classroom in Roppongi twice per month.

  • Job Type: Side job with salary

  • Time investment: 6-8 hours/month in the classroom, + variable hours of online teaching

About YouCode JP:

  • We are a school that teaches programming to children between 5 and 16 years old entirely in the English language. We have online classes, and IRL classes in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, and our business is quickly growing.

  • We love the fun, energy, and fresh perspective that children share with us while we introduce them to the world of coding and computer science.

  • We strive to make our classes as fun as they are instructive. We want kids to think of our classes as a place where they can discover, grow, be creative and smile.